Travel security

  • Published on: 5 August 2019
  • By: Paula
Travel security

We’re all thinking about holidays at this time of year and they should be a time to relax and have fun, but if you haven’t prepared you could be risking your safety.  We’ve put together a list of things to help you.

At home
Before you travel, how secure is your home?  Have you got an alarm system, security lights and locks on all windows and doors?  

Do some research into your destination, especially if it is somewhere you haven’t been before or if you are travelling alone.  How safe is it? Do you need any vaccinations?  Are there any security risks? What about the cultural etiquette and language?  The FCO website provides up to date government advice on travelling to each country.

Travel Insurance
It seems obvious but there are often stories of people not having sufficient insurance for their trips.  For example, are you planning any sports while you’re away?  If so, you may need an add on.  The same goes for any expensive items you might be taking.  And on the medical side make sure you’ve declared any health issues or medication or you might find your insurance is invalid.

Travelling through airports can be stressful, especially if you’re travelling with small children.  Take a look at our advice for dealing with airport security.

Pack carefully, how much do you really need to take?  Keep any valuables, passports, cash, tickets somewhere safe and inaccessible to pickpockets.  When you arrive at your hotel make use of the safe and only carry what you’re going to need.

Share your itinerary with friends or family.  If you’re travelling alone or visiting more than one place it is a good idea for someone to know where you are supposed to be and when.  

If you are recording your trip on social media it would be best to post after you’ve visited somewhere rather than informing the world where you can be found.  Don’t share personal information with strangers.  

Transport in country
If you’re renting a car make sure you use a reputable company, and if using taxi’s stick to licensed ones.  Be aware of any risks using public transport; dangerous areas or times to travel for example.  Some countries have female only carriages on trains.

Update passwords and check your antivirus software before you depart.  And back up all your data.

Cloud storage is worth having if you’re planning on taking lots of photos while you’re away, that way you if you lose your phone or camera you haven’t lost your photos.

Be careful using public wi-fi, many have no security, especially if you’re doing any online banking.

Enjoy your trip
Don’t forget to have a good time.