Technology V's humans in the security sector

  • Published on: 19 March 2019
  • By: Paula
Technology V's humans in the security sector

When you’re thinking about improving security for your business premises how do you know what to opt for – a physical presence or a technological device or combination of the two?  There are so many different options available now that it can be difficult to decide what to choose.  That’s where a professional security company can help; by conducting a full site survey they can show you the weak spots in your security and provide you with some options to address them.  

The improvements in technology, especially in recent years, have had a significant impact on the security industry.  There is talk of robots and AI doing the work of humans, but would you trust them to be completely responsible for your site security?  Maybe one day in the future… but for now there is still an important role for security operatives.

The use of new technology can provide security companies with ways to improve the services they provide; body-worn cameras help to reduce anti-social behaviour and act as a monitoring tool for the operatives themselves.  A reduction in complaints as well criminal activity can only be a good thing.

Growth in the number of apps available for smartphones is also creating improvements in connectivity with security guards and safety for lone workers.  Control rooms and clients have better access, and apps such as Focal Point work as monitoring tools providing GPS location details and enabling operatives to submit reports on the go either using tailored multiple-choice questions or recording an audio report.  They can use the camera on their phones to take and upload images of any damage found during site patrols, and even ensure compliance as SIA licences are automatically confirmed.

Management tools like Focal Point will give you much greater control over your security services and enable collection of data to use when planning your company’s future security needs.

CCTV systems have also improved enormously, with option such as monitoring from your mobile phone available and doorbell answering combinations, allowing you to see and speak to the person at your door from anywhere with internet connection.

If you are using CCTV to cover a business premises it is usually recommended that the cameras are monitored in order to be able to take action if required.  This can be done remotely, by a security company who will also have a mobile response driver they can call to visit the site if they see something suspicious.  There are also audio options so the security guard monitoring the CCTV can broadcast a message or speak to people on site.  

Combining the use of technology and guards can offer you a much more complete security provision and much better value for money.  Rather than just going for a CCTV system or security guards, ask your security company to conduct a review of your needs and provide you with a tailored option.

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