Synergy between security companies and clients

  • Published on: 6 June 2019
  • By: Paula
Synergy between security companies and clients

Following on from the previous blogs on outsourcing security I thought it was worth mentioning the relationship between a security company and its clients.  Once you’ve been through the process of selecting the right company to provide your security services you want to have an honest, open and trusting relationship between you.  After all they are taking responsibility for keeping your property and people secure, you are giving them keys, alarm codes and access to your business, and that’s not something to take lightly.

From the perspective of the security company, the better they know you and understand your security requirements the better the service they can provide.  Developing a good relationship will help them to appreciate your company culture and identify security staff who will fit.  When they work in a customer facing role you need to be sure the security staff working for you represent your company the way you expect.

Of course it can take time to build these relationship but if you find the right security company they will work with you to do this.   

At Leisuresec we work hard to build relationships with our clients; from providing a dedicated Contract Manager who will take overall responsibility to ensuring access to a 24 hour control room and providing regular activity reports and transparent invoices, each element is important and we understand that communication throughout is essential.  

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