Spring clean your security systems - Part 1: Home Security

  • Published on: 20 March 2018
  • By: Paula
Spring clean your security systems

Despite the recent cold weather we should be positive, the days are getting longer, spring is on the way and it’s time to start looking forward to summer.  This is the perfect time for a review of your security systems so we thought some suggestions on how to do this would be useful.  Rather than provide all this information in one blog we’re splitting it into three parts over the next few weeks:

  • Part 1: Home Security
  • Part 2: Business Security
  • Part 3: Digital Security

Here’s the first part, keep a look out for the next one.

Part 1: Home Security

Garden equipment
Even here in the UK this is the time of year we’re starting to look at our gardens, tidying up, planting, mowing the lawn and generally making it look good for us to sit out and enjoy the sunshine.  The trouble is we’re also getting out all the tools and garden equipment, which can be a target for an opportunistic thief if left lying around.

It’s worth checking you have space in the shed to store any new equipment, and a lock to prevent anyone breaking in.

Keep bikes locked up and attached to something fixed so they can’t be easily removed.

Secure your perimeters
Check your gates and fencing; the winter weather can cause fences to become damaged or blow over, especially after the snow and wind we’ve had recently. If this has happened it’s time to fix them.  Maybe it’s time to put a lock on your gate as well? Or at least make sure it’s kept closed.

Do you have any hedges or trees surrounding your garden?  Keeping them trimmed and tidy will ensure there is nowhere for a potential intruder to hide and watch your house.

Entrance points
Once the weather warms up you’ll probably have the windows open more often, but don’t forget to close them when you leave the house.

Check the locks on your windows and doors, are they connected to an alarm system?  Make sure you know where all your keys are and that none are missing.  

Do you have motion detector lights outside?  They can be an effective deterrent and are worth investing in.

Security equipment
If you have an alarm or CCTV system they should be checked regularly.  Make sure they’re working properly, test sensors, clean camera lenses and ensure they cover the right area/s.  

Fire prevention
House fires can be deadly, smoke alarms are essential and they need regular testing.  Check the batteries are working, you have enough alarms and they’re in the right places around your home.  Fire extinguishers can also be a good purchase, but check you know which type you need and you know how to use it.  They don’t last forever so if you’ve had one for a while take a look at the date on it.

Professional security
If you’ve had problems with burglars or want to reduce your home insurance premiums it could be worth contacting a security professional to see what they advise.  And if you already have a complete home security system make sure it’s inspected on a regular basis.

Look out for Part 2: Business Security next week...