Security tips for small businesses

  • Published on: 20 August 2019
  • By: Paula
Security tips for small businesses

Whatever the size of your business you can still be at risk, the number of companies in the UK affected by crime are always on the increase and the potential cost can be significant.  A sound security strategy should be an integral part of your business planning. Don’t put your staff and property at risk by simply hoping for the best.  And good security preparation will benefit you when it comes to renewing your insurance.

Developing a security strategy

The first step is to conduct an audit; review your current security and identify the areas that need improvement.  Look at the potential threats to your business and what the consequences would be if you become a victim of crime.  What are the security options available to you, and what do you already have in place?  How can professional security help you? 

Security options

  • Access points: How secure is your building?  Do you have locks on all windows and doors?  
  • Perimeter security: Gates and fencing
  • Alarm system: Do you have an alarm?  Is it regularly serviced?
  • Lighting: Security lighting can help to deter potential burglars and provide useful lighting for staff who arrive early or leave late
  • CCTV: If you opt for CCTV cameras it is worth considering if and how they will be monitored.  A professional security company can provide remote monitoring services which might be a better option for you than onsite security guards.
  • Security guards: Professional security guards will give you with extra security and can also welcome visitors to your building.  Most guards will be trained in customer service and can provide a concierge service.
  • Mobile patrols: If you don’t want a dedicated security guard at your premises you could always opt for regular patrols.  This can be especially useful at night if your buildings are empty.

Employers have a duty of care for their staff so it is important to think about how safe they are when they’re at work, and when they are arriving and leaving.  Are your car parks and entrances well lit?  


It is also important to consider who your keyholders are, and how safe they would be if called out in the middle of the night?  Many small companies have members of staff as keyholders but this might not be the best option.  The dangers to their safety are only one concern, what if they don’t answer the phone, are busy, or have been drinking?  There are many reasons why they might not be able to attend.  

Security companies can provide keyholding services for reasonable costs and you would be guaranteed a fully trained security guard would come out whatever the time or weather conditions.


Leisuresec can provide security guards, patrol services and keyholders.  If you are interested in finding out more, take a look at our services pages and get in touch for a free, no obligation quote.


If you’re looking for security, check out this advice from the SIA