Reasons for hiring building site security

  • Published on: 4 September 2018
  • By: Paula
Reasons for hiring building site security

The construction industry suffers losses of more than £400 million a year due to theft and vandalism.  This should be reason enough to employ professional security services to work on a building site.  But it isn’t just these losses that security can prevent, they can also control access to the site and help improve safety on site.

Preventing Loss
Security measures on site will deter thieves; CCTV cameras, guards, lighting, alarms, will all make it difficult for anyone trying to steal equipment or materials.  And it isn’t always external theft, employee theft happens more than you might think.  A security guard on the gate or patrolling the site will notice anything leaving the site that shouldn’t and pick up on anyone acting suspiciously.

Signs warning that CCTV and/or guards are present on site will act as a deterrent to any opportunistic thieves or kids looking for somewhere to hang out.  Using sensor-controlled lights will also help prevent vandalism and graffiti damage.

Security guards can patrol the site at random times to check for any suspicious activity.

Security guards on site can help keep workers safe.   They can monitor the site for any signs of fire, and raise the alarm quickly to minimise damage and reduce potential danger.  Security guards will be trained in dynamic risk assessment and can spot and report any potential hazards they come across.

They will also be prepared for emergency response activity, in case of an injury they will contact emergency services and will usually be first aid trained.  In the case of trespassers there is a greater risk of injury as they won’t know the site and it may be dark.  And according to the Occupiers Liability Act 1984, the site occupier owes a duty of care to anyone on their premises, so having a security guard on site will prevent access or, if necessary, provide help.

Control Access
A building site will have lots of people coming and going all day; deliveries of materials and equipment, contractors working on each part of the building; and security guards will be able to keep control of who enters and leaves.  They will record visitors, make sure they keep to the relevant areas and ensure everyone has left at the end of each day, taking the pressure off the Site Manager.  

Leisuresec can provide security for building sites.  If you would like to discuss options please get in touch.