Outsourcing Security- Part 2

  • Published on: 28 May 2019
  • By: Paula
Outsourcing Security- Part 2

Part 2 - How: What to look for in a security company

Selecting a professional security company can appear to be a difficult decision.  There are lots of companies all across the UK providing a variety of different services, so which one is right for you?

Well we’ve drawn up a checklist of things to consider when you’re doing a google search or looking through the list of ACS companies on the Security Industry Authority (SIA) website.  In fact that might well be the place to start…

Accreditation: look at what accreditation the company has
For example, if a security company holds Approved Contractor Status (ACS) from the SIA, they will have had to demonstrate their processes and procedures to a certain level and be assessed independently every year.  You can also check who they are audited by.

When did they start trading, how long has the company been operating and how much experience do they have?
A new start-up might give you a great deal, but do they have the knowledge and experience you need? 

Do they work in your sector?
This might not be a top priority, but it’s worth looking to see what sectors they work in and what similar experience they have

References & Testimonials
Can they provide customer references for you, and do they have any testimonials or feedback available on their website?

Staffing levels: how many staff do they have, where are they located and what is their staff turnover like?
You need to be sure they will be able to provide you with relief staff at short notice if needed.  Are there enough staff in your local area?

What training do they provide for staff?
Security staff need to achieve a certain level to obtain their SIA licence, but does the company offer additional and continuous training.  Check that the staff you are getting have the skills you need.

How much say will you have in the staff provided?
Can you select the staff you want; for example, can the security company provide you with a list of potential staff for you to meet?  And if the staff don’t fit in your organisation for any reason would it be easy or difficult to change them?

How is staff performance monitored?
What checks are carried out and how often?  Do they use key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure performance and what KPIs would they suggest?  Does the Contract Manager visit the site regularly?

Reporting & Reviews?
How often will you receive activity reports, and what are their procedures for incident reporting?  Will the Contract Manager attend regular review meetings with your representative?

What are their costs?
This is important, but don’t let it dictate your decision.  The cheapest option is not always the best.  Think about how much the staff are being paid if you are getting a low hourly rate, and what the quality is going to be like.  This is especially important if your security staff will be customer facing.

Customer service
Probably more important is how flexible they can be to your individual needs. Do they have a “one-size fits all” approach or will they work with you to understand your business and develop a security strategy that matches?

These questions should help you draw up a shortlist of companies that best match your requirements and help you choose the right security company for your business.

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