Outsourcing Security- Part 1

  • Published on: 23 May 2019
  • By: Paula
Outsourcing Security- Part 1

We’ve put together a two-part blog looking at outsourcing manned security services; Part 1 looks at Why: The reasons for and benefits of outsourcing, and Part 2, next week, will cover How: What to look for when you’re selecting a security company.

Part 1 - Why: The reasons for and benefits of outsourcing

Deciding how to manage your company’s physical security requirements can be a daunting prospect.  What type and how much security do you need?  Should you look at technology options such as CCTV, stick to hiring a security guard, or go for a combination of the two?  If you’re not a security expert these can be difficult to answer.

Tailored strategy from an expert
Working with a professional security company will give you the inside track; as experts in their field they will be able to conduct a comprehensive risk assessment and provide you with a fully costed and tailored security strategy for your business.  They can suggest different options based on your budget and by working together you will be able to decide on the best solution.

Fully trained and licenced staff
Security guards provided by a professional company will hold valid SIA licences and be trained to a specific level.  Most companies will provide regular training and anything additional specific to your site.  This will save you time and money not only in recruitment, but also vetting and training staff.  

Choice and flexibility
If you employ staff as security guards within your business it may be difficult to make changes if they don’t work out they way you were hoping.  You will be restricted by employment regulations and may face extra costs if your requirements change.  However, outsourcing the service will give you much greater flexibility and the security company should give you the option to change security guards.  

A professional security company will also have relief staff trained and inducted to your company so you can be sure you will be able to call for additional support whenever you need it.

Reduce your liability
Outsourcing security guards will reduce your liability as it is shared with the security company.  They should have insurance in place to cover any potential costs, but will also have the experience and knowledge to be able to avoid unnecessary risks.

Security technology options
A professional security company is likely to be using the latest technology to improve their services; they should be able to provide body worn cameras and patrol monitoring systems, and they can also use management reporting tools to allow you to easily access incident, or daily reporting, information.

Employing security staff directly can be a costly process.  A professional security company will provide the service at a fixed hourly rate which should work out as a more cost effective alternative.

Increase productivity
By removing the worry about security, you can give your employees the peace of mind to be able to carry out their jobs effectively and give you the time to focus on the things you do best.

There are many benefits to outsourcing your security needs; find out how to select the best company for your requirement in our next post; Part 2- How: What to look for in a security company.

If you’d like Leisuresec to help your business run smoothly by managing your security requirements please get in touch and see how we can help.