Increase customer satisfaction with excellent security guards

  • Published on: 18 September 2018
  • By: Paula
Increase customer satisfaction with excellent security guards

Whether your customers are other businesses or members of the public, customer service will have a direct impact on your company’s success rates.  Repeat business can be much more profitable than attracting new business but many companies still spend more time thinking about how to win new customers instead of trying to keep the ones they already have.

Welcoming customers
There are lots of simple ways to make your customers feel welcome and important. Having someone meet them at the door when they arrive at your premises; saying hello or good morning, and asking how they are give a personal touch and a personal front to your company.   You don’t need to employ someone specially to do this, it is something a good security guard will do.  As well as protecting your property and staff, as the first and last people seen by your customers security guards can often become the face of the company.

Regular customers 
Remembering regular customers, even welcoming them by name, adds an extra personal touch to make the customer feel special.  Security guards working in a customer facing role need to have good communication skills, be approachable and friendly as well as professional.  Speaking to visitors will also help to assess them and identify any potential security risk.  Door Supervisors can often calm aggressive or intoxicated customers through talking to them.

Listening is a key communication skill.  And those who can do it effectively will make other people feel important.  Lots of people forget to listen but in order to provide excellent service to your customers listening is the best way to understand what they really need.  Security guards are often trained in customer service and conflict management skills which include the importance of listening in communication.

Offering help
Security guards are in the perfect position to be able to answer visitor’s questions, provide directions, carry bags or help in other ways.  Small things can make a big difference to someone’s day.  If a customer has a problem the security guard may well be able to find a solution, or if not, they can introduce another member of staff who would be able to help.

Going above and beyond their specified duties makes a good security guard stand out, and this reflects well on the company they are working for.  

Finding the right security guard
This is why it is essential that you find the right security guard for your company.  At Leisuresec we work closely with all our customers to understand their business and the role the security guard will perform.  We aim to match our guards, not only in terms of the skills and experience required but also with the customers company culture.  

If you’d like to find out more, take a look at our services and get in touch for a free, no obligation, quote.