How secure is your business?

  • Published on: 4 December 2018
  • By: Paula
How secure is your business?

A checklist of things to consider…

1.    Risk Assessment: 
When you move into a new premises it’s important to identify the areas most vulnerable to crime and safety, and put measures in place to prevent and protect.   They should be reviewed on a regular basis (annually), and if anything changes or an incident occurs.

2.    Responsibility & Procedures:
Who has overall responsibility for security?  Even if you outsource security services, someone within the company needs to take overall responsibility and liaise with the security company.  They should keep a record of who has keys, making sure they are handed back when an employee leaves, carry out regular checks and ensure all security and safety procedures are being followed.

3.    Insurance:
Good security measures are likely to reduce the cost of your business insurance.  Contact them and find out what would make a difference to your premiums, it might be something you were considering anyway.

4.    Boundaries and Access Control:
What goes on outside your premises is as important as inside, if not more.  Do you have good perimeter fencing, entrance gates, lighting?  What about car parks- are they secure, and do you have CCTV?

5.    Building Security:
Don’t forget the (obvious) practical measures such as door and window locks, alarms and shutters.  Is there someone responsible for checking all doors and windows are locked when the building is empty?  Keep valuable items out of sight or locked in a safe.

6.    Visitor Management:
How do you manage visitors?  Is there a signing in book, are passes handed out and do they have free access to the whole building?  Who is responsible for this?

7.    Staff Safety:
Have staff received all the necessary training for their roles, including health and safety?  Does anyone handle cash, if so do they have access to alarms or panic buttons?

8.    Local Businesses and Police:
It is worth developing a good relationship with local Police and other businesses nearby, especially those in the same sector.  There are groups such as Pub Watch whose members work together to reduce crime.

9.    IT Security:
Not one to be forgotten; how secure is your company data?  Where do you store it and what protection measures do you have in place?

10.    Outsourced Security Services:
Employing a manned security company to assist with your business security can often be the cheapest and most effective option, but when you’re choosing a company rather than just looking at the price it’s important to consider the following;

  • Do they hold any accreditation; such as ACS accreditation from the Security Industry Authority (SIA)?
  • Do they use SIA licenced security guards?
  • What experience do they have?
  • What resources do they have?
  • How flexible can they be?
  • What is their customer service and communication like?

If you’re looking for a security company, please take a look at our services and get in touch for a free, no obligation quote.