Don’t lose out to shoplifters

  • Published on: 26 November 2019
  • By: Paula
Don’t lose out to shoplifters

Christmas is rapidly approaching and this is the time of year that the shops are generally at their busiest.  Christmas shopping is underway and the increase in the number of shoppers leads to an increase in shoplifting.

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) report released earlier this year noted an increase in retail crime across all types.  Violence is a real issue, with an average of 115 attacks a day on retail employees over 12 months.  And the increasing use of knives in these attacks is particularly worrying.  

Customer theft also increased by over 30% with more than £700 million lost by retailers.  A large proportion of this is opportunistic theft and some simple steps and procedures can help to prevent it. 

Staff training & customer service; ensuring staff know what to watch out for will help them spot potential shoplifters.  Greeting customers, asking if they need help or offering to hold their shopping at the till both helps to improve service for the majority of customers and lets those who are potential shoplifters know they are being watched.

Shop layout; good use of mirrors and lights helps to reduce blind spots where shoplifters can slip items into their bags without being seen.  Place higher value items close to the till where staff can easily keep an eye on them, and locate tills in an area that gives staff good visibility of the rest of the shop.  Take a look at our blog on how the store layout can help prevent shoplifters.

CCTV; good signage and obviously placed cameras can help to deter thieves, and all areas of a shop (especially a large one) can be monitored from one location.  They can also help identify thieves and provide evidence for police.

Security guards; guards located at the entrances can greet customers when they arrive as well as providing a security presence, especially if an item sets off the security alarm.  They can also walk around the store and are trained to know what customer behaviour to look for.

Shoplifters have a number of techniques and tricks they use.  We previously put together a list of steps shop managers and owners can take.  And by learning about these and ensuring your staff understand them you can make it as difficult as possible which should deter thieves.  They will look for an easy target, so don’t let your shop become one.
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