Customer service and security

  • Published on: 22 July 2019
  • By: Paula
Customer service and security

These days the role of a security professional is very much a customer service role as well as a protection one.  Face to face interaction with the general public is for most security operatives a daily occurrence and the operative is usually the first and last person seen by a client or employers’ customer.  As such it is likely their interaction will influence the customers impression of the company.  

Job descriptions advertised for security operatives invariably highlight the importance of customer service and communication, and the ability to communicate well can mean the difference between a guard settling a dispute quickly and amicably or allowing it to escalate into something more serious.

In addition to protecting people and property a security operative often provides a concierge type service helping customers with general enquiries, directions and simply welcoming them to the premises.  Whether they are working in a hospital, school, council building, office block or night club they need the people skills to be able to deal with any number of situations and incidents, but throughout their shift they will be expected to offer a friendly and professional face to everyone they come into contact with.

Companies today understand the importance of customer service, the value of repeat business and good word of mouth advertising.  Especially in the era of social media when everyone has a mobile phone and is happy to take photos or videos to share with the world.  A bad tempered, unprofessional or rude security operative can have a serious and negative impact on their business.  

Providing the right service doesn’t have to be complicated or even a great deal of effort; some simple actions and behaviours can make all the difference.
•    Smile and greet visitors
•    Listen to any concerns or questions they have
•    Respond quickly and deal with things professionally
•    Try to solve problems, or find someone who can
•    Communicate clearly and appropriately

At Leisuresec our security operatives are trained in customer service and communication skills.  We understand that they are ambassadors for both Leisuresec and our clients, and without these skills their ability to represent both is significantly diminished.  

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