Construction security

  • Published on: 10 September 2019
  • By: Paula
Construction security

Theft of tools and machinery from construction sites continues to rise, and along with this is the additional problem of stolen JCB’s and forklift trucks being used in ram-raids on cash machines.  The cost of the damage done to a shop or bank can often be more than that stolen from the ATM.   In June this year a gang who targeted ATM’s across Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire in 2018 were jailed for between 3 and 10 years each. 

In their statement following the verdict, Surrey Police said “Owners of plant machinery should also consider other safeguarding measures to property their property such as not leaving the equipment visible from the main road, concealing it at night and blocking access to it.”

There are many steps companies can, and should, take to secure their building sites and prevent theft and vandalism.  

Secure fencing around the site is probably the most obvious first step, making it harder for people to wander onto the site unobstructed and preventing kids from trespassing and endangering themselves.  Anti-climb fencing can increase the difficulty for unwanted entry.

Sensor lighting and alarm systems can alert people at night and when the site is closed.  Alarms can be monitored remotely by a security company who will send out response officers to check the site for intruders.

CCTV can also be monitored remotely; this can be combined with the alarm system so the monitoring company can check the CCTV when an alarm goes off and send out the appropriate response.

Warning signs around the site can be enough to deter any opportunistic thieves or trespassers.  If they know the site is being monitored, they might well decide its not worth the risk.

Controlling access to the site is also important, not just to prevent theft but also for health and safety purposes.  Keep a record of all visitors to the site, when they enter and leave, and their reasons for being there.  

Security officers will give you extra protection.  They might only be required when the site is closed/overnight, but can be useful when it is open as well.  They can monitor site access, keeping records of visitors and preventing anyone not authorised from entering the site.

The benefits of putting such measures in place will significantly outweigh any disadvantages.  When you consider the potential cost of theft and damage, not to mention insurance premiums, implementing some of these security measures is a definite advantage.

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