Are you thinking about work as a Security Guard?

  • Published on: 18 June 2019
  • By: Paula
Are you thinking about work as a Security Guard?

Working in the manned security sector can provide an interesting career opportunity.  If you like working with people and have the skills required there are many different options and roles available.

Anyone new to the industry will need to apply for an SIA (Security Industry Authority) licence.  The SIA is the regulatory organisation for the private security industry in the UK and ensures that standards across the sector are maintained.  In order to obtain a licence you will need to demonstrate you meet their criteria, passing a DBS (criminal record) check and undertaking the relevant training.   To find out more take a look at their website

There are different SIA licences depending on the work you do, such as;

  • Security Guard
  • Door Supervision
  • Close Protection
  • Cash and Valuables in Transit
  • Public Space Surveillance (CCTV)

The hours a security operative works can be any time of the day or night.  Some organisations require 24 hour security cover so overnight shifts are not uncommon.  There are also many licensed premises; pubs, nightclubs, casinos, hotel bars etc. that require Door Supervisors to work until they close.  

The duties required of security operatives can be wide ranging, from guarding a warehouse overnight to providing close protection for a VIP.  Some examples include;

  • Concierge security; working in an office building, hotel or residential property and providing additional services such as dealing with visitors, collecting and distributing parcels, answering resident or staff queries.
  • Retail security; in a shop or shopping mall, looking out for shoplifters among other things.
  • Hospital security; providing support for doctors, nurses and other hospital staff, and protecting people and property
  • Casino/Nightclub security; overseeing entry, monitoring visitors and preventing any disturbances.
  • Patrols; either driving or walking to check premises are secure
  • CCTV monitoring; either onsite or remotely from a control room.
  • Event security; small and large events, checking tickets, searching on entry, managing crowds or providing close protection for VIPS 

A good security guard will have many different qualities, the ability to stay calm and communicate effectively with others, observation skills and physical fitness are just some.  You can identify a role that fits your skills and personality. 

Leisuresec are always on the look out for good security staff to fill a variety of different roles all across the country.  If you think you might interested take a look at our careers page or get in touch to see what we have available.