10 ways a professional security company can help your business

  • Published on: 17 April 2018
  • By: Paula
10 ways a professional security company can help your business

It’s a decision many companies need to make; whether to employ an external security company or not.  You might not think you need the services of a professional security company, but before dismissing the idea completely have a think about how they can help your business.

1.    Prevent crime
Ok so this is the obvious reason for using security; the presence of security guards will help to prevent theft, burglary, criminal damage, vandalism etc.  They can spot suspicious activity and act before an incident occurs. And this doesn’t only apply to external crime, security guards can also deter employee theft.

2.    Employee safety
If you work on a large site or have offices located in a remote or high crime area, security guards onsite will help to keep your employees safe.  Especially if they work shifts at night.

3.    Customer service
In addition to providing security, guards can act as the face of your company, welcoming visitors, providing directions and answering questions.  When you choose the right security company their guards can add value to your business.

4.    Monitor CCTV
It’s all very well having CCTV cameras around your building and grounds, but if no-one is watching them are they really providing the most effective security?  A security company can monitor your cameras onsite, or alternatively from a remote location.  Remote monitoring, especially at night, means a local security patrol can be dispatched quickly to deal with any problems and prevent theft or damage occurring.

5.    Patrol the building and grounds
Security guards don’t need to stay in one location, often they can be more effective carrying out random patrols of your buildings both internally and externally.  

6.    Check and record visitors
It is always good policy to keep a record of visitors to your site and guards can carry out security checks of vehicles and people.  

7.    Provide alarm response services
Does your company expect members of staff to respond if an alarm goes off in the middle of the night?  If so maybe you should rethink this policy; what would happen if an intruder was on site and the staff member was injured?  Making use of a professional security company means that the responder is fully trained to handle any situation.  And they are always ready to respond.

8.    Provide visible presence when buildings are closed
How easy is it for someone to access your building at night?  If you don’t have any CCTV or security, you could have kids or gangs trespassing or vandalising the site when the building is empty.  A visible security presence will deter these and keep your property safe when you’re not there. 

9.    Provide crowd control
A busy shop, bar, nightclub or other location with groups of people can benefit from using security guards to provide crowd control.  Especially in venues where alcohol is available which can increase the chance of a fight breaking out.  Security guards are trained in conflict management and physical intervention so they can deal with any incidents quickly and professionally.

10.    Provide peace of mind
Business owners, Managers and employees will feel more secure knowing they have professional security guards working on site.  And improvements to the working environment will lead to increased productivity.

Leisuresec provides professional security services.  All our guards are vetted and trained to the highest standards.  If you’d like to see how we can help your business please get in touch today for a free, no obligation quote.